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Salt & Ice challenge - Self Harm

Just got linked to a video of the ‘salt and ice’ challenge on youtube and i’m actually fuming right now. People are setting this as a challenge?! similar to the cinnamon challenge?! are these people freaking serious.

I feel as if it’s promoting self harm and urgh people actually find it amusing? I know people who’ve done this to themselves before as a way of self harming and that is in no way amusing and people are challenging each other to do this?

Someone please tell me i’m not the only person that is disgusted by people actually wanting to do this to themselves and challenging others because they think it’s the new ‘cool’ thing to do?! 

What about those out there that do it to themselves for sh purposes not for youtube views or popularity, seriously.

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    I know how angry you are I cut and it’s horrible….I wish people could see more like us but it light not happen.
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    No seriously, wtf is this shit?! This genuinely makes me mad. I’m too mad to even comment on how STUPID these people...
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    Your sister is a fucking moron. Just sayin’
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    You’re not the only one. My sister did it the other day and god it pissed me off so much. I mean she knows about myself...
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